Swiss Formula with a barrier effect for the treatment of minor skin conditions. Fast skin and wound healing GeL
- NO Bandaging Required.

Every minute, all over the world, Veterinus Derma GeL, delivers incomparable efficiency in the field of complete and fast skin care. Veterinus Derma GeL is an isotonic hydroGel for the treatment of minor skin conditions. It provides a barrier to moisture and protects against foreign contaminants (moist environment + protective film effect). Bandaging the area is therefore not required. Certified non-mutagenic and devoid of cytogenotoxicity or irritant and sensitizing effect on epithetical cells. Derma GeL favours hair regrowth in the original colour.

What does it do?

  • Derma Gel is an isotonic hydrogel for the treatment of minor wound skin conditions.  It provides a barrier to moisture and protects against foreign contaminants.

Why do I need it?

  • The number 1 for intensive and rapid skin care
  • Unmatched 97% cell viability
  • Only living cells can multiply and migrate through the wound site promoting maximum speed of healing


Long term moist environment

  • Easy and rapid migration of the new epithelial cells, within the ideal growth medium provided by the specific hydrocolloid structure of Derma Gel, increasing wound contraction rate

Certified Non-Mutagenic & devoid of cytogenotoxicity

  • Skin traumas are re-covered by cells genetically identical (no proudflesh or hair discolouration at regrowth).

Bacterial safety and protective film effect

  • Multiple bacterial strain concentrations are eliminated when exposed to Derma Gel.  Furthermore its protective film effect prevents external contamination, avoiding bandaging.

Available Pack sizes

  • 50ml spray bottle and 100ml gel pump


Effective in hydrating wound surfaces and liquefying necrotic tissue on the wound surface. Non-adherent and can be removed without trauma to the wound bed. "Soothing" effect promotes patient acceptance.


Veterinus Derma GeL® is an isotonic formulation which is available as a spray on GeL that is indicated for the treatment of minor skin conditions. Veterinus Derma GeL® ensures a uniform porous barrier of protection against bacterial and, foreign material contaminants, avoiding desiccation and maintaining moisture at an optimum level. Bandaging the affected area is therefore not required.
Certified non-mutagenic and devoid of cytogenotoxicity or irritant and sensitizing effect on epithelial cells, Veterinus Derma GeL® assists maintain cell viability and consequently favours a rapid hair regrowth in the original color. Staying where it is applied, Veterinus Derma GeL® will not run off the treated surface.


Daily cleanse the affected area with warm water or a saline solution, so as to preserve epithelial cells from irritation. Apply Veterinus Derma GeL® generously several times a day, as needed. To help prevent skin proliferation, extend application to the surrounding area.



When needed, bandage over the GeL. After 24 hours, leave surface uncovered as the product provides a protective barrier (keeping surface moist). Avoid the use of this product on abnormal cell proliferation: warts, ringworm, mud fever.
Ensure cap is replaced after use. Avoid all contact to inside of cap or tip of tube/bottle to prevent product contamination.
For animal use only. Keep in a cool dark place away from heat, frost and toxic radiation. Keep out of the reach of children.


  • EYE: flush with water, lifting upper and lower lids occasionally
  • SKIN: no specific hazard know
  • INHALATION: n.a.
  • INGESTION: Unusually large amounts may cause digestive disorders
  • CARCINOGENICITY: non-mutagenic and non-cytogenotoxic on skin
  • TOXICITY: non-toxic


Veterinus Derma GeL® is safe to use in competition, during gestation and when licked...


Veterinus Derma GeL® is formulated on the basis of an exclusive blend of titrated botanical extracts. Unlike plant tinctures or common extracts which have an active ingredients content that varies according to the period of harvesting, weather conditions, quality of soil, Veterinus Derma GeL® contains titrated extracts.

Ingredients: Titr. Polysaccharides (Pyrus Sorbus extr.); Centella Asiatica (titr. extr.); Calendula Officinalis (titr. extr.); Salvia Officinalis extr.; Thymus Vulgaris extr.; Origanum Majorana extr.; Lavandula Officinalis extr.; Propylene Glycol; Hydrogenated Castor Oil; Sodium Bicarbonate; Glycerin; Alcohol; Aqua Purificata; Carbomer (for the GeL form).

Active Constituents: Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vit B1), D-L-Alpha Tocopheryl (Vit E) L-Tryptophan

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