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StaySound is a leading producer of quality equine performance supplements.  The products were first established in 1979 on Australia’s Gold Coast, which is renowned for its thoroughbred racing industry.  These products are now available to New Zealanders through StaySound (NZ) Ltd.

The StaySound range of quality performance products are aimed at maintaining the health of horses in heavy training, enabling them to achieve at optimum level.  All products are tested to the highest standards prior to release onto the market.  StaySound can provide technical support for its entire product range and will deal with any specific questions relating to equine sports nutrition.

PURCHASE DIRECT All discerning horse owners, breeders and trainers can now buy our range of products at FANTASTIC ‘Direct to you’ prices.

ONLINE SHOP FOR NEW ZEALANDERS A SECURE online shop cuts out the middle man to offer the benefits of buying direct from the importers in New Zealand.

DELIVER TO YOUR DOOR Buy online, by email, or phone and receive your quality performance products delivered to your door.

STAYSOUND - For the very best equine solutions

The StaySound range of products includes:

  • Good as Gold: L-Tryptophan & Vitamin B1. This supplement helps to keep uncontrollable horses manageable | More
  • Uptite Clay Poultice: A scientific blend of aluminium silicate, bentonite, sodium borate & essential oils, providing fast cooling action | More
  • Dermagel: Complete, intensive & fast-acting skincare, for dressing & healing wounds.
    Extensive scientific research makes Dermagel a leading equine wound care product | More

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Derma Gel http://derma-gel.com

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