Megan Stark Testimonial

MEGAN STARK, ENDURANCE SQUAD RIDER NZ has this to say about the staysound products they use.

Hi folks,

I would like to take this opportunity to say that over the period that I have been using your products I have certainly seen a great change in our horses.

The Max RBC is one that has been used extensively in my training and competition programme, with the introduction of this the horses just seem to have such a longer staying power thus giving me a better advantage over other riders out there, it has also given the horses a very nice shiny coat even just after clipping out.

Good as Gold, well this has been used in my training of a young very excitable horse, without this he has shown lack of listening power, since the introduction of this product I feel more confident that his concentration levels are now at that one would expect of him, he is certainly more relaxed and moving forward.

Uptight, I have been using this product for quite some years now, and after very long and hard distances it goes without saying the legs on my horses have never had an issue with swelling etc.

I would certainly recommend that people should try those named above, and will see a great difference.

Megan Stark

Endurance Squad Rider NZ 



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